Granite State Song Lyrics

Here are the complete lyrics to the song sung in Lafayette’s honor at the Concord, NH reception for him on June 22, 1825. This was apparently the first time New Hampshire had ever been called the “Granite State”.  It was sung to an old Scots tune, “Scots, wha h’ae wi’ Wallace Bled.” Funnily enough, another poem was written and sung to the same tune at the same event!

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North and South and East, and West
Grateful homage have express’d
Greeting loud the Nation’s Guest
Son of Liberty,
Whom Tyrants curs’d, when Heaven approv’d
And millions long have mourned and lov’d;
He comes by fond entreaties mov’d

Bliss domestick, rank ,wealth, ease
He resign’d for stormy seas,
And for war’s more stormy breeze
That we might be free;
And bore Mad Faction’s lawless doom,
The despot’s wrath, the Dungeon’s gloom,
Suff’rings ne’er in Greece or Rome
Endur’d for liberty.

The brave youth to our succor rush’d,
His gen’rous aid invasion crush’d,
And proud, though vanquiush’d Britain blush’d,
To fly before the free;
She saw indignant, but dismayed;
The light’ning of his virgin blade,
Give life to Freedom’s bands array’d,
But death to tyranny.

Soldiers! Your Gen’ral, ever true,
The last that’s left – here bids adieu!
Though you are poor, he bends to you;
Not to Kings, or Thrones;
O! Who can tears of joy control,
When vet’rans mingle soul with soul,
And one ray more, when near life’s goal
Brightens their setting suns.

He’s fit for traitor, or for slave,
Who’d see this parting of the brave,
Nor think of those, who bled to save
The land where we have met’
Fair Merrimack may cease to flow,
And our White Mountains sink below,
But naught can cancel what we owe,
To them and Lafayette.