Downloadable Reading Guide


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A Buss from Lafayette can be enjoyed read aloud in a classroom, read in small groups, and, of course, read individually. The story presents a lot of information about:   1)  the American Revolution,   2)  the key role General Lafayette played in achieving independence,      3)  our nation’s “rock star” reception of the aging hero during his Farewell Tour of 1824-5, and,  4)  American life in the early 19th century.


Many questions and activities regarding these subjects are presented in the guide to use with the book. Links are included that can access a wealth of additional information to further understanding and to bring the text alive with photos, discussions, and videos

Please share your thoughts, questions, or additional ideas for activities to engage readers of this book by e-mailing the author at (Reviews are always welcome, too!)


P.S. A much longer curriculum guide is in the works and will be available for purchase online.