Homage to Hamilton the Musical!

Young Lafayette had dinner with the Brit King’s Bro                                   Who told him the Americans were “good to go.”
When Lafayette found out about our fight for liberty
A flame was set alight inside the young marquis.
Forbidden by the King as well as family                                                                   To risk his life and fortune quite so recklessly
They sent him off to England just to change his mind
He met King George and Clinton and was wined and dined.
He came back home , undaunted, and his mind still set
And bought a ship in secret, did young Lafayette.
He met with Silas Deane, and was delighted when                                           He was offered a commission as a Major Gen.
Then when the King proclaimed him subject to arrest                                       He sneaked aboard his ship and headed to the west.
He endured the trip across despite some nasty “mal de mer”                          And learned a bit of English by the time that he got there.
When they arrived in Philly, he applied his famous charms
But no one welcomed him with even slightly open arms.
“Not another foreigner, we have more than our share
And such a young and raw recruit we simply cannot bear!
The gall of Mr. Silas Deane: gun-buying is his task
But he gives lofty ranks galore to all of those who ask!”