Classroom and Reading Guides

Breaking News! BQB Publishing will be releasing Classroom and Reading Guide: A Buss from Lafayette soon!

A Buss from Lafayette  can be used as a “springboard” for helping students understand  1)  the American Revolution,  2)  the key role General Lafayette played in achieving independence,   3)  our nation’s “rock star” reception of the aging hero during his Farewell Tour of 1824-5, and,  4)  American life in the early 19th century. It can be enjoyed read aloud in a classroom, read in small groups, and, of course, read individually.


To make it super easy for teachers to use Buss in schools, I have worked with my colleague, Sienna Larson,  to create  a short (4 page) guide that can be downloaded for free here.



Sienna and I also have written a longer, comprehensive book (96 pp.), called A Buss from Lafayette Teacher’s Guide, which is being released by BQB Publishing in July, 2017.

One middle school teacher and principal said this about the guide:

“This document is fantastic and any middle school teacher would love to use it while expanding on the many aspects of this fiction/non-fiction youth book.”

I welcome art, video, audio, or other projects that students create as per this guide’s suggestions, as well as anything relevant they come up with.  Please send these to me at I plan to post the best ones I receive on my websites.

Also, please share your thoughts, questions, or additional ideas for activities to engage readers of this book by e-mailing me at the above address.  (Online reviews are always welcome, too!)

 Note: I have not yet posted all the music etc. promised in Classroom and Reading Guide. We’re working on it and will post it soon right here!