Liberty-Loving Lafayette: Reviews

“. . .a perfect example of how a writer can make history/learning history fun. . .the accompanying art is wonderful”
                               –David Bruce Smith, author of Abigail and John, founder of the Grateful                                      American Foundation, and co-founder of the Grateful American Book                                          Prize

“An ode to the great Lafayette, beautifully told and richly illustrated…”
            –Alan R. Hoffman, Translator, Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825: Journal of a             Voyage to the United States, and President, The American Friends of Lafayette.

“A great addition to the [Lafayette] canon”
                              -Diane Shaw, Director Emerita of Special Collections & College Archives,                                      Lafayette College

“Dorothea Jensen brings Lafayette to life for all ages”
                                    –Chuck Schwam, Publisher, American Friends of Lafayette Gazette 

Sometimes a rhyming narrative is just what you need to tell a story, especially if you include pictures. So Dorothea Jensen used this format to tell the story of General Lafayette’s contribution to our nation’s independence. Heavily researched, Dorthea’s new book Liberty-Loving Lafayette presents in words and art the story of how the young Marquis De Lafayette came to the colonies in search of freedom and fought alongside the colonists until the end of the Revolutionary War.

Each left page of Jensen’s work contains an image of a person or event portrayed in the narrative. The corresponding narrative relates the story. This book, designed for older students, can be used by teachers of the younger grades as well. It is a wonderful resource for any classroom, but especially for units of study about America’s beginnings and fight for Independence.  Additionally, it is a wonderful companion piece to Jensen’s award-winning middle-grade book A Buss from Lafayette
C. Huddleston, Barnes & Noble Review

Someone shoud make a play or musical out of this book!
I LOVE this book! It’s great for adults as well as young people. What a fantastic homage to Lafayette, who’s been on our minds so much lately because of his appearances in Hamilton. I love how this book wonderfully encapsulates history with its vivid Lafayette portrayal, and how the author achieves this in such a super-engaging way, through witty, clever rhyme and poetry. And I love its multimedia approach – poetry, history, reproductions of gorgeous historical paintings. It’s extraordinary the amount of accurate and sophisticated historical narrative the author fits into this wonderful book and how much the reader learns about this fascinating and important figure in American history. I learned so much about exactly who the heck Lafayette was and what he did for the American cause. Very cool, to know this, and to be entertained to boot. What a colorful figure Lafayette was!  -M. Bancroft Johnson, Barnes & Noble Review


“A fun way to learn about an important piece of history and a key historical figure!”
– G. Rix, Goodreads Review