Music, Songs, and Dances

In my first historical novel for young readers, The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, the main characters end the story dancing the Virginia Reel. In A Buss From Lafayette, Clara and Dickon enjoy dances similar to this. If your class wishes to give this a try, follow the link below to download instructions for dancing the Virginia Reel. Any lively tune will do for this dance.

Virginia Reel Instructions

Here are some of the dancing tunes mentioned in the story.

Yankee Doodle/Lucy Locket


“Oh, what a beau your granny was!” (I like this one because I’m a granny who likes to imagine herself a “beau”!)

The tune below is sometimes called “Again, Sweet Richard”, and it is what Clara and Dickon danced at Perkins Tavern.

Some Welsh folk dancing “Again, Sweet Richard.” I tried to describe this in <i>A Buss from Lafayette</i> as Clara and Dickon were dancing!

Okay, okay. This song isn’t really FROM A Buss from Lafayette, but it is from the trip on which I received my own indirect buss from him,which inspired me to write the book. My mother and I recorded many of the songs from Jane Austen movies/tv productions and made a little audio quiz for our fellow JA fanatic travelers. (I sang, she played the piano.) This was one of the songs. . .